A Day At The Zoo

Before recommending attractions, restaurants or other things to our guests we try and visit them first so that we can pass on first hand information. So with my son and his partner, the four of us headed off to La Flèche Zoo.

We initially thought the €24 entrance was a little expensive but by the end of the day we were all of the opinion that it was great value.

I am always wary of visiting zoos. Over the years there have been some nightmare stories of ill-treated animals in claustrophobic cages. However La Flèche Zoo showed everything that can be good about a zoo. The enclosures were large and mimic’d the animals natural habitat, I had to pinch myself and remind myself that I wasn’t in the Canadian Rockies when I was looking at the Grizzly Bear enclosure. The animals also looked happy and well cared for. It was amazing to see two African Elephants playing in their watering hole, spraying each other, rolling around and totally submerging themselves. These appeared to be happy animals.

Al in all we had a great day out and thought it was good value for money

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