Time for a Quick Break (before the work begins)

On Friday morning over the breakfast table Conrad said “Let’s have a break. The season has come to an end and we have no bookings for a while, we can pack up Rosie (our motor home) take Lily (our dog) and have a couple of days away before we tackle the big jobs which have been waiting in the wings over the summer.” So there we were an hour later pootling along the road out of Mayet off on a mini adventure. That was before I turned round to make sure all the doors and overhead compartments were fastened properly. All ok, except i noticed I’d forgotten to bring any bedding. Half an our later we were back on the road again with all the necessities. (Must remember to do a proper check list!) as you may be able to tell we are still newbies at this motor homing.

We got out the ‘All the Aires’ book for northern France and decided to go south west. Aires are stop over sites for motor homes, often they are free and some are at really beautiful locations – though some are in supermarket car parks.

We chose Champtoceaux for the first night. South of the Loire west of Angers. The site was just behind the church. We had climbed higher than I’d thought on the road up from the river because after a little stroll through the playground and the trees there was a viewpoint. The view was lovely, looking right (east) the Loire meandered lazily away up river towards chateau land, to the left we could see the side of the chateau in Champtoceaux and off to the west the sun was just beginning to go down. I woke sometime between 7 and 8 next morning. The church bells were ringing for about 10minutes – not striking the hour but going through some kind of test. After breakfast we thought we’d wander down to the ruins of the old castle which had stood on this promontory. Sadly we did not get there as Conrad’s dicky knee and poor choice of footwear would not survive the steep hill down. So we mooched round the town centre and bought some supplies ready to move on to our next aire.

This one was just north of Angers on the Mayenne river, a rather lovely spot at Gres-Neuville. Two villages linked by a bridge over the river. Our pitch, which was in the grounds of the sports centre, gave us a view of the river – we managed to stop Lily from dashing in for a swim. We crossed the bridge and wandered along the embankment to the lock gate. The village is very pretty and many of the gardens backing onto the river are manicured to within an inch of their lives. The old lock keepers house is now a nice restaurant. After our walk we went back to Rosie and spent a few hours reading in the very warm sunshine. A really pleasant place to sit back, and relax.

Now we are ready to get on with those jobs.

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