And Now The Work Begins

A long hot summer has had it’s bonuses but it has also had it’s drawbacks. The garden seems to have suffered more this year than in the past, including an almost dead hedge and very patchy lawn. This has finally given us a reason to completely re-landscape the front of the house.

We’ve both always liked the idea of a cottage style garden with lots of year-round colour with a nice herb garden outside the door, maybe some roses and it would be criminal not to have Lavender. We’d also like a nice patch of lawn to sit and enjoy the area.

The Magnolia tree dominates the area so everything will be designed from this, and while we’re digging everything up it’ll be an ideal time for an automatic watering system. I’ve worked out that we can use one of the wells for this so hopefully everything will survive another summer like the one we’ve just had.

The planning is definitely the fun bit, we’ve been wandering around laying out rope to mark out paths, driveway, herb bed, rose bed etc etc. But very soon the fun bit will stop and the digging will start…….

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